Backtest Your Trading Algorithms Free Demo

Systematic Trading Strategies

Have you wanted to build your own custom equity backtesting tool, but you lack programming experience to code it? Are you full of formulas to test? Are you looking for something more streamlined and simple than what you have seen so far? As a Python programmer, I am here to design a tool specific to your needs. Here is how it works:

  • Place your conditions on an Excel spreadsheet, such as short and long moving average length or other algorithms.
  • Run the backtester tool to automatically retrieve historical data for stocks.
  • View resulting data and algorithms on a spreadsheet, including a chart that you can modify at will.

Find Trading Setups

My favorite feature finds favorable stock setups and sends you alerts. This is not automated trading. You manually pull the trigger after you evaluate the setups and after you receive the alerts. How does it work? The program scans thousands of stocks to spot setups according to any algorithm of your choice, or of your invention, or of your experiment, or of your imagination. It's fun to pick stocks poised for profit automatically faster than you can filter them out manually. And it's easier than you think, because I'm here to shape your ideas into reality and to provide you with your own customized solution.

Free Demo

First try the free demo software. This will showcase a simple sample, a sample of your choice. It can be an algorithm you have already been thinking about, maybe your own invention that no one else has tried. Or it can be a sample like the one shown below with fast and slow moving averages. Pick the stock market pattern you wish to research. After you see how the sample performs we can talk about other ideas.

Sample Output

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DISCLAIMER: The tool provided is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security.